Our Classics menu offers a variety of lean meats and seafood. The meals are low in sodium, low cholesterol, and low fat. Healthy Mix meals meet the healthy eating guidelines of the American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, and American Cancer Society. This menu is for individuals who want to lose weight, maintain weight, and are concerned about eating healthy. Individuals with hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes generally do well on this plan.


  Percent Kcal Regular (~400 Kcal) Hearty (~600 Kcal)
Carbs 40 - 45% 40 - 45g 60 - 68g
Total Fat 25 - 30% 11 - 13g 17 - 20g
Saturated Fat <7% 3g 5g
Protein 25 - 30% 25 - 30% 38 - 45g
Sodium   <1500mg/day <2000mg/day



Clean, organic meals that are free from gluten, soy, dairy, and grain. They feature lean, grass-fed, cage-free meats and wild caught seafood. And because none of these nutrient-rich meals have any sugar or added sweeteners, 100% of the meals on our Paleo menu are perfect for most 30-day cleanses.

  Percent of Nutrient Targets Regular (~400 Kcal) Hearty (~600 Kcal)
Proteins 40% 35 - 45g 50 - 60g
Carbs 20 - 30% 26 - 33g 38 - 45g
Fat 30 - 40% 12 - 15g 17 - 20g



Designed and prepared by our chefs, these delicious and savory dishes closely follow the Ketogenic Diet guidelines and will amaze you with their flavor. Each meal is low carb and gluten free with moderate protein and high fat. Keto doesn't have to be boring, especially when our chefs are the ones doing all of the cooking.

Percent of Nutrient Targets Hearty (~600 Kcal)
Fat 70%
Protein 25%
Carbs 5%


Low Carb

With only 15% net carbs, this menu is perfect for people who are looking to fast track their weight loss program. It is a specialty menu with unique nutrition targets. Also, it is great for individuals looking to increase their protein intake. Before beginning this low carb meal plan, it is recommended you check with your physician if you have a pre-existing heart condition, hypertension or a chronic kidney condition.

  Percent of Kcal Regular (~400 Kcal) Hearty (~600 Kcal)
Carbs 20% 20g per meal 30g per meal
Net Carbs 15% 15g 23g
Proteins 35 - 40% 35 - 40g 53 - 60g
Fat 45 - 50% 20 - 22g 30 - 33g
Saturated Fat 20% 9g 13g
Sodium   <2000mg/day <2800mg/day
Cholesterol   <300mg/day <300mg/day



Our vegetarian menu is lacto-ovo and features delicious meatless alternatives and plant-based meals. This plan is very low in cholesterol but slightly higher in carbohydrates compared to Healthy Mix; however, it is very high in fiber, reducing the amount of net carbs. This sodium level is considered to be moderate.

  Percent of Kcal Regular (~400 Kcal) Hearty (~600 Kcal)
Carbs 45 - 50% 45 - 50g 68 - 75g
Total Fat 30 - 35% 13 - 16g 20 - 23g
Saturated Fat <7% 3g 5g
Protein 20 - 25% 20 - 25g 30 - 38g
Sodium   <1800mg/day <2200mg/day
Cholesterol   <150mg/day <300mg/day


Create Your Own Gluten Free**, Low Sodium, or Diabetic Friendly Menus 

Whether you're trying to reduce your gluten consumption, watch your sodium intake levels or manage a chronic condition like Diabetes, creating your own menu is as simple as selecting your dietary preferences and allergies on our Preferences page.

*Weekly per meal average **Our gluten free meals are produced in a facility that manufactures meals with gluten and are not approved for individuals with celiac disease.


Our meals may contain one or more of the following allergens: Milk, Fish, Eggs, Peanuts, Soy, Shellfish, Tree Nuts, and Wheat or have been produced in close proximity to these ingredients. If you have a life threatening food allergy, we cannot recommend our meals.